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2 stroke oil question

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Hi guys, Can you add any oil additive to keep the smoke down? Joe
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I recently perchased a GP 1200 that was modified for premix and I am greatly bothered by the amount of smoke that it puts out. I was told buy the gentelman that I purchased it from that the mod was due to an engine failure because of the injection system. I hear both pro and con opinions for premix and and am on the fence about it. Is the oil injection as problematic as I hear? Can running it that rich be good for the intake? Enviromentaly, I am very tempted to go back to the injection pump. Any real world advice?
Thank you YamaDoo!

Yes, the infrastructure is all still there. The lines were just blocked off. If I do restore the injection and most likly will, I will install all new lines to assure their integrity. I have a Professional Jetski mechanic in the nieborhood that can do the work.

I was told by the previous owner that the oil failure that caused him to go premix was because of air in the lines. Do you have any suggestions or check procedures that would keep that from happening?

Thanks again for you reply.

Yamalube 2W is what has been used in it.

Thanks for your reply!

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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