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2000 GP1200R Starting Problem

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New to the Yam GP1200R. Have a question with starting. Got this waverunner with a seized center cylinder for cheap. Engine was out. Had the cylinder reworked and put it all back together. Re-installed engine this weekend but I can't get it to start. It has spark, new gas and I bled the oil pump. It cranks but can get it to even try to start.

Seems like a fuel issue. Is there a fuel pump or does the cylinder vaccum pull gas from the take. It has side draft carbs so I don't think they can gum up like carbs with bowls on them (typical motorcycle carb).

Any ideas on things to check.
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One more thing to add is that it beeps twice as soon as I hit the starter and the red warning light is on when it beeps, but turns off while still cranking. Is that normal when starting one of these GP1200s?
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