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Hey everyone im brand new on this forum and looking for some help. Here is my story... I bought a ski from this guy that knew little about it a month or 2 ago. (ex. me - "its 2 stroke oil injected right?", seller -" sure") with left me with little confidence that he maintained it well. However i picked it up for $500 :), he claimed it last ran 2 years ago where it would run and lose power and die in the lake, in which it then sat in his yard on the trailer until i purchased it. So with the background info i had here is how i proceeded.....

1. Replaced battery
2. Replaced Spark Pulgs
3. Tested for spark (may be weak or i chose a poor grounding pt for testing)
4. Drained 2 year old gas and replaced with new (added some oil for mixture assurance)
5. I didn't change the oil res because i think oil will stay good for 2 years.
6. blew out exhaust ventilation/water lines.
7. Replaced broken hose joint for cooling
8. Removed, Cleaned, and Rebuilt Carbs
9. Didnt do compression test because...

I sprayed some starting fluid in the carbs and the engine catches quickly, i have to hold the throttle or it will die and even holding the throttle it does eventually die. After i first start it with fluid it will start with out it, but still dies.. i'm assuming that if the engine was blown it wouldnt run? That might just be my wishful thinking.What is going on? This is my first pwc and have no prior marine experience, i am great with cars and motorcycles so i have a understanding of the layout and components. I also have a shop manual at my disposal. So basically i am asking for advice on what may be my problem that is keeping it from running??
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