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I purchased the ski in 2006. It spent the good deal of time in salt water before I got it. The second 2008 season I had it, the shaft tube came loose and she sank to the handle bars. Was only down for about an hour. drained, fired up and all seemed to be ok. 2009 would not start in the spring (stored on the back of houseboat). Towed home, messed around with it for days finally started and ran the rest of the season. 2010, had several times when it would not start after shutting down hot. Assumed it was vapor lock. 2011 changed fuel filter and new plugs and took for a run. Ran great speedo hit 52 MPH. About 15' from dock, check engine light came on, ski stalled and would not restart. Again, towed to ramp, put on trailer and towed home. Would not start 4 hours later once home, but started and ran fine on a hose the next day....

Do I have a basket case? I have no idea were to start looking for issues. I am getting the feeling that I should trade this in on a new stx 15f...
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