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I started this thread over on greenhulk.

2000 Ultra 150 5500 RPM?

Cliff Notes:

I just bought this ski, it would only run 38mph at 5500 rpm. Number 1 was running cold. I replaced the fuel filter, spark plug caps, pulled the carbs, cleaned, checked diaphragms, took fuel filter apart, inspected and cleaned, pulled pickup, cleaned screen, replaced spark plug caps.I pulled the cone off the jet drive, no water, has new seals. It has 120psi compression across the board. Sometimes the ski ran 63gps, sometimes it was a dog and only running on 2 cylinders. Number 1 was getting intermittent spark, so I replaced the ignition box with used, I ohmed out the coils primary and secondary before replacing, checked good. Still didn't fix the problem. Today I had it out, it ran great for 15 minutes, then ran 5500rpm, i let it cool down then it ran great, then a slowed down again.

I checked both the water temp and intake temp sensors. The intake temp sensor is in spec. The water temp isn't. Below are my results.I never got an overheat light or any warning light.

All measurements taken with a Fluke 88 with .6 ohms resistance between the two leads. Water temperature sensor results were.

6.96M ohms at 35 degrees
1.625M ohms at 75 degrees(ambient)
.465 M ohms at 125 degrees
1.36M ohms at 163 degrees
88.3K ohms at 212 degrees.

Shop manual specs are.

2,759k at 68 degrees
635k at 122 degrees
121.9k at 194 degrees
85.3k at 212 degrees

I thought the reed valves may be bad they flame inside the carbs when you hit WOT on the hose and it hits limiter. But all 3 cylinders do it evenly. Sorry for the Novel. If it isn't this temp sensor my only idea is the stator, and I can't find a way to check it?
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