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thx REMY, i actually tracked the original mechanic for this unit. he had done work on the power valves 3 yrs ago. he said that if the crank seal had busted, then a new or another engine should be installed. his point being that the extent of the damage may be extensive. he also said that these particular engines are very "finicky" or touchy. you have to understand that i use my ski's for fishing here in hawaii. i go out 5-20 miles one way and these waters are not a kiddy pool. safety is paramount and i cannot be floating in the water with a shitty engine. i have a 98 waveventure 700 that runs perfect for what i do. i actually thought about putting the 700 engine in the 800 hull. i got to take some measurements and convert the drive coupling. if the mounts are equal i might just do that. the big gas tank and hull combined with a reliable engine might do me well. OR, maybe i can rebuild the entire 800 engine. i dont know , maybe you have some input. thx for the time. ALOHA
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