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2000 Yamaha 800 xl GRRRRRR!

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Wont idle? Changed fuel filter, plugs, Cleaned carbs. The fuel alarm keeps going off and says its out of fuel and the tank is half full or better. This jet ski is a bank repo! Has 150 pounds of compression both cylinders. Really clean ski and only 70 hours. I dont know the code for the computer would this have any effect on the performance of it? It will run and runs strong just wont idle.
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The gauge wont do anything. Pull the fuel sender out and pull the plastic casing off the sender and you will see the actual sender. Check that it is operating properly, if it is you may just have a dead sender. While you have the unit out, you should cut the reserve line on a 45 degree angle. The reserve lines sometimes grow and hit the bottom of the tank meaning it wont pick up fuel, by cutting an angle you will eliminate this potential problem. Also while you're doing that, remove the stupid flap from the bottom of the sender unit. Idle adjustment is on carb #1.
You havent done the carbs properly. take them off and re-do. Make sure the anti syphon valves are sealing and the check valves are good. Then take to the water and tune the low speed mixture screws to optimum.
No drain plug. Do the carbs again. check the 3 plastic things and blow out the jets.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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