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Just Got The Ski.
Ran Great For 25 Mins.
Then The Exhaust Buzzer And Flashing Light Came On.
Cad Con Nor Exuast Were Overly Hot.
So i Was Told That Its A Bad Sensor.
Took It Out Its Carbonish Coverd.
Will Cleaning it With Emery paper Fix It?
Or Is There Another Way To Repair It?
I looked Up A PArt on Line And There 200.00
Was Not Looking To Buy And PArts Afte rI JustBought A Freshly Serviced Ski.For 3K
Any Advise Or Tips Greatly App.!!!:)

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I don't know much, but if it's easily accessible I don't think cleaning it would do any further harm.

As for advice/tips-

I've owned 5 jetskiis (94-98) just this year trying to find the right ones. What I've learned is basically anything not new will need some kind of work consistently. It's been the same with my brothers' fourwheelers and snowmobiles. I'd say they're just not reliable the way people expect them to be, like cars.

I also know several people with 2003+ machines that have problems as well, but much fewer.

Half of the problem with them is what happens from not being ridden. All of mine had been sitting for several years at one point, which tends to happen because people get too busy to fix them when something goes wrong or it's just such a low priority.

But I LOVE jetskiis. I'd say careful & proper maintenance is the only way to go.
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