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2000 Yamaha 1200 XLT LTD HAs Lots Of Pwer But.....

Got The Cat. Con Sensor Cleaned Up And Its Running Fine No More Buzzer From The Malfunctioning Sensor.But Now It Will Start Rev Run Fine. But Once And A While *( Only Been In The Water 1.5 Hours Now) It Will Rev To 7-8 K RPM And Will Only Go 4-9 Miles PEr Hour. Then You Slow Th eRPms Down A Few Times Push It Up And You Go Like A Rocket. Hit 47 A Bunch Of Times.
So What Causes That High RPM NoLittle Movment ISsue? Any Advise Ideas Or Old Wives Tales Grewatly App.!!!

Also I Was Told This Thimg Will Do 70 MPH .Is That A BS Story IAm Mean At Full Throotle She Went Almost Hit 48 But i Can;t See It Going 70.... Am I Wrong? Is It Not Running As Good As I Think ( Minus the Issue Questioned Above?)
Thanks Every One!!!:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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