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I have just bought this jet ski used.....ran it for maybe 4 hrs and it ran great. It died on me on the water while I was making a tight turn and would not crank to restart. NOTE: paddling a jet ski is not fun. I get it out of the water, take the seat(s) off and notice the engine compartment has about 4-5 inches of water in it. I'm like I drain the water out, take the battery out to test/recharge. Battery was fine.....put it back in recharged and got it to at least crank over. I notice that there is a broken fitting that goes into the top of the exhaust manifold. So I figure this is part of the cooling system and when it broke that is how I got all the water in the engine compartment. So I'm happy at this point cuz thats probably a cheap repair I can do myself. Now I keep turning the engine over (dry) and it finally starts...runs for 5-10 seconds and quits.....I figure cuz it's cold.......I started it maybe 5 times.....the last time it ran for about 15 seconds and then just stopped very abruptly..........I tried to crank it over again but no dice....won't crank.....I fear I F'd up majorly and seized the engine........any thoughts, comments or suggestions?
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