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Hi, This past weekend my stock 2001 GTI developed trouble. We went away from the dock under 2/3 throttle and at about 300 yards it just shut down under load. It wouldn't restart. Towed back. After messing with for about 35 minutes...(didn't really do much except look it over)It started. Took off and same thing. Towed back a second time. Now it won't restart at all. Turns over but no firing. The plugs are new and gapped to .020. It doesn't seem flooded. It is well cared for, stored indoors, dried and cleaned after each use, winterized each fall, no corrosion or abuse/misuse. Ski is in like new condition. All maintenence has been pulled. This is it's first problem. to proceed. What is the best way to varify sufficient spark and proper timing, confirm proper fuel flow through the carb, and diagnose an electric ignition failure? I suspect one of the following. Electronic module failure, fuel flow problem, DSS failure of the coded key assembley. Any other ideas?My fuel strainer is clean and the bowel is full and fuel is fresh. I have inspected most electrical plugs and they are corrosion free and have di-electric grease present. I have the factory manuals on CD. I have mechanical aptitude but lack Rotax experience. I could take it in to a shop but I fear they won't get it right. I hate to just throw parts at it. The DSS seems to work properly but how would I know if it is failing underway? Does anyone know a good Rotax guy or reputable shop in the Olympia/Tacoma/Seattle area? I appreciate any help you can give, Craig
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