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This is kinda long, but I feel it all needs to be here to give the experts the 'whole' story!

I bought a 2001 GTX DI with only 82hrs on it in April. I test drove it at that time and it threw up the MAINT and 12V LOW codes. I put a full charge on the battery, changed the plugs, those codes went away and everything was great! Loved this boat, and it was faster and more manuverable than the Kawa and Yama that I already had. I thought it was a great purchase.

Over the next 2wks I put about 2hrs total on it and one full tank of gas and as I went in to trailer it, it threw up MAINT again, but this time without 12V LOW. I knew of the scheduled maintenance on these models at 10 and 100hrs, but this happened at only at 84hrs. I couldn't reset it with the reset prodcedure I've seen in other posts. The boat starts up just fine on the first time, every time, but when giving it throttle up to about 3200rpms, it throws up MAINT and goes to limp mode. MAINT goes away when you let off the throttle and idles normally with no abnormal sounds or backfires. Give it throttle again and MAINT does too.

After exhausting the 'free' forum and online suggestions and not getting anywhere, I reluctantly took it to my local authorized Sea-Doo dealer to read the codes. It threw up a crankshaft position sensor code, so they of course replaced the CPS, but MAINT still came up the same as above. More or less $650 and 7wks later, they gave it back to me with the problem still happening.

Here is the dealer's note to me so you guys will know what they did -

"Originallly, CPS fault code was active when diagnosed with BUDS. Replaced CPS and fault code still existed. Engine starts and idles fine but will activate fault when throttle applied. CPS passes 5vdc volt test with lanyard connected and 2.5vdc test when cranking over engine. Swapped encoder wheel with known good part - fault code still existed. Ran new wire from CPS to MPEM - fault still occurred. Tried known good MPEM - fault still occurred. Ran new ground wire from MPEM to engine ground - fault still occurred. Spoke with Sea-Doo tech support team member and came to conclusion that crankshaft is twisted or has bearing going out making the encoder misalign with the CPS."​

They also replaced the rectifier, but other than doing that, the only other recommendation they had was to replace the engine.

One question I had is that if the stator was touching the inside of the encoder wheel, wouldn't it blow the fuse? I have yet to have to replace ANY bad fuses on this boat, and all fuses still test good on a multimeter.

My regular PWC tech took a look as well (no charge, yay!) and spoke with some other techs around the country and felt that it could be the air injectors. I was able to find a pair of used injectors to try, which I did today, but the MAINT fault still occurs.

I know these DI's have issues with low voltage, so I will put a good charge on the battery tonight and check it Thursday, but I don't think this is the issue. I have also tested the rectifier personally and I get 12.9v consistently with the engine running. The battery has not been changed since I've had it and the guy I bought the boat from was the original owner and he said he had repalced the batt just before I bought the boat (I'll be upset if a new battery fixes it after all I've been through!!).


Thank you in advance!!
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