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Ive had this machine for several years .. and it starts like a top ..
climate controlled garage kept
not problems except for the occational battery replacement

this season .. I drained fuel and put in new fuel . and battery , took it out and it ran fine .. second time i took it out .. it began to have a flat spot where it would get power ..
put it on the trailer for next time and didnt think much of it ..

added new oil
third time took out and i could get it to start but then would die when i hit the throttle ..
gave up and took it home .. sat almost 2 months of course i added seafoam today I went to check stuff and get her going .. charged battery
replaced fuel filter .. as it was pretty dirty and probably expains why it was bogging down some last time.
checked ravs .. they are moving freely
clean spark plugs

I put on the key and got the usual 2 beeps .. it would start to turn over .. but then stop and beep as long as i pushed the start button and beeps everytime i push it .. not sure exactly whats going on .. I can remove key and replace and try again but it does the same thing ..

also screen says low fuel when the tank is full .. this happend the day that I took to the lake and couldnt get it to do anything as well.

I have plans to meet someone on the lake from a nearby state as we are meeting halfway on the lake Friday so it gives me one day to figure out ..

please help me ..

its a 2001 seadoo gtx
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