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2001 Polaris 1200 Questions

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If you have polaris questions go to the below link for answers...

http : green hulk . net remove the spaces

This forum is a joke

Its been a few days and no replys.... so forget below maybe someone with a 2000 0r 2001 Genesis can tell me how the display works (buttons, lock, etc...) is there a main power shut off, or is the display always going to be on? Even polaris and its dealers can't seem to get me an owners manual.


Please excuse my ignorance....

A friend was storing his jet ski (Polaris 4 seat 1200 Fuel Injected 2001) it had been sitting for 2 1/2 years. Yesterday he gave me the title and said the ski and trailer were mine.

I started it over a year ago, and found it will not start now.

What I have done today
drained the gas
confirmed spark
added a little gas to the intakes and started it
confirmed no fuel pressure
pulled the fuel lines and the harness on the tank
put 12 volts to the + - on the tank connector
confirmed pump makes noise but not pumping fuel
pulled the pump assembly confirmed no blockage or gum
pulled the carter pump
dunked it in water runs but does not pump

So I would assume I need a new pump assembly? Any discount parts places for this? Anything special in installing a new pump?

Also is there a place I can download an owners manual?

How do you turn off the display/jet ski when you’re done riding? My Kawasaki’s have a magnetic key; on this one the display is on all the time (as long as the battery is good)playing with the buttons I don't want to accidentally lock it.

Thanks in advance


I talked to a local dealer, asking for a owners manual. I was not expecting their service manager to go on for 10 minutes on what a POS this Genesis is.. is this really that bad a jet ski?
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