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2001 Polaris Gensis 1200 Problems Want plain off

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Please someone help me with this. I have a 2001 Polaris Gensis 1200fuel injected. Want plain off It starts and idels fine but when i give it gas it want rev up good. sometimes it reves but but is running bad, i changed the plugs and may have got the wires crossed, could some one send me a good picture of how the wires go? Also i noticed when i started it that the cyclinder at the rear got hotter then the other ones way faster then the other ones, i removed the injector and it was kinda rusted around the bodom. I remved the other ones and they looked clean and newer then the rear one. I ran a compresson check and they all had over 130 psi. I removed the oil lines from the the carbs and made sure oil was coming out. I also made sure all the injectors were spraying and they were. But the one near the rear looked diffrent while it was spraying. I reset the battrey and now i cant get the dash lights to light up and i cant start it inless i jump the starter solenoide then they come on and it starts but when i cut it of they go off. Please someone help me!!!!!!!!! thanks
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You don't have carbs but you do have throttle bodies.
Change the TPS(Throttle Position Sensor) and see how she does.
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