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Ok, It's not actually my jetski, it's my cousins, he has a pair of matching 2001 (or maybe 2002) Sea-Doo GTS jet skis. One runs fine, the other has had issues since he bought it (4th of July, this year).

First time he took it out, the "bad one" seemed to run ok, but by the time he got out across the lake it was very full of water. He brought it back to the guy he bought it from, that guy brought it in, and my cousin tells me some seals were replaced.

So now my cousin took it out again, and the jet ski has a new problem.... the jet ski idles fine, but when you hit the throttle (anything more than idle) it's like the motor is under huge strain, and doesn't go anywhere. He said you take the seat off and smoke rolls out (like the motor over heated due to strain...)

-the jet ski moves around @ idle, so it would seem as if the impeller isn't stuck or anything...
-this is something that seems to have occured after the seals were put in... (shouldn't the mechanic have taken it out on a test ride?)

We will be tearing into it this weekend to try and solve it... He wants to look at cleaning the carbs, but is that the right direction? Of course it never hurts to clean them, but could this be a cause?


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