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2001 Seadoo GTX won't start

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I have a 2001 GTX with about 60 hours on it. While I was riding last week noticed about a 300 rpm drop in top speed. It would accelerate to 6450 then drop to 6150. After about 4 trys to get it to hold 6450 it just quit running.
The engine turns over fine has good compression and all fuses are OK. The only thing I noticed was a little corrosion on the negative terminal. I get the correct confimation beeps when installing the key lanyard. Not sure what to check next? Oil is full and fuel filter clean. doesn't seem to be getting spark. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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check spark and gas
the engine is getting fuel but has no spark. are there any sensors that would disable spark?
There are the sensors that tell it to fire a spark and then there's the actual ignition system itself. Some pretty in-depth diagnosing may be in order here... How adept are you with these things?

Before getting too worried though, check all of your terminals and connections. If anythings loose or corroded like you mentioned, clean and/or tighten things up and try starting again.
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