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Hi all,
I'm getting ready to get my first pwc and kinda like this one and would like some opinions on it.
The selling price is $3900 and includes a trailer.
Thanks for the help,

"The ski is in good overall condition other than some scratches on the bottom from beaching and the rub rail on the starboard side is scraped up (see Pics).

We have just gone through the ski mechanically and performed the following repairs:

* New seat cover
* New wear ring
* New drive housing
* New plugs
* New carb kits

The total hours on the ski are 156, The engine at some point was replaced with a SBT remanufactured engine. Every thing works well on this ski and she runs strong. The Yamaha galvanized trailer is in good condition with new lights and wiring harness. Tires have good tread but do have some dry spots from the sun"
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