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The only disadvantage to a two stroke is the lack of fuel economy, I had two Kawasaki 550's and I would go through 5 or 6 20 litre/5 Gallon drums of fuel on a nice day, I now have a Ski with more than tripple the CC's a nice sized 1800CC FX-SHO and use less than half the fuel on of my two strokes would use and I now pull Skiers and Tubes behind me and can cruise across the Bay barely using 25 litres of unleaded fuel.
I was very surprised just how much differnce in economy a four stroke had as I was expecting worse than my 550's not less than half :)
I suppose it also has to do with the design of a Pole ski to a three seater Ski ?
Glad you got your Ski going as they are a ball of fun, you using pre mix or oil injector ? I was adviced by my Dealer many years ago to use pre mix and to disable the oil injection, which I got him to do as I didn't have time back then to do my own work and personally I prefer the guarantee I get when everything is done by the Dealer :)
It's like my Twin Turbo Sedan I use to tow my Skis, I get the Dealer to do the servicing as they are way to complicated these days to do it ourselves properly as you miss one thing and their goes $3k to $6K+ on an Engine replacement as when they blow they make a mess.
Buying a cheap second hand Ski maybe most wouldn't care as you got it for the right price but where I live it's $26K for a New Yamaha SVHO and $6K for a complete Engine swap so to much money to throw away on saving $300 per service every 50 to 100 hours :) and if you take the cost of the good oil and filter as well as a can of cable Lube and new Air filter it's not a lot saved really ;)
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