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Hey everyone! First time caller, lifetime listener here. Just picked up a 01 GP1200R with what I was told was a broken rod. The history I was told.....This ski was raced over 4 years ago professionally and has a ton of RIVA upgrades done. The owner I purchased it from picked it up from the racer 4 years ago and has been using it since then.

Then recently he was out and something happened out in the middle of the lake and it bogged. He limped it back to shore and got it home and is where he took the heads off and saw the piston and cylinder damage. He called around the country for repairs but said he was told the parts were in a shortage and would take a year to get in and there's wait lists for rods and such.

He didnt want to go the SBT route and deemed it too much for repair and then listed it for sale. I picked it up for $1250 as I like projects when getting into new hobbies so I can have a better understanding and knowledge about the things normal operators would know.

Anyhow, so now I dug in a bit and see cylinder 3 (cylinder closest to the impeller), has gouging damage from the piston which seems to have slammed into the head (which is a pro tec by the way and replacement head domes also have a shortage). The previous owner was told it could've been caused by using improper octane gas. I removed the damaged head dome. The cylinder has damage to its Nikasil coating. All 3 pistons freely move and I can hear compression. The first 2 pistons and cylinders look fine.

Looking around online to get my options. It does seem many repair shops currently do not have parts to repair the engine. SBT has lots of options but I'm hesitant on old reviews, although it seems now they have new Nikasil cylinders available. What should my next steps be? I'm thinking that no matter what, I'll have to pull the engine anyway, so I'll tear it apart and see if there's any more damage. Can I just replace this 1 cylinder, piston and such? Or do I have to do all 3? Thanks for the help


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