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Hello, new guy here.

Last week I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 2001 kawasaki 1100zxi for free. My cousing got new a few years ago, and used it a few times. After that he got a job in another state. he parked the Jet Ski in a neighbors driveway and let it sit for 8 years. After talking with him, he had me pick it up, and just keep it. I got the title in the mail today. So I have lot of questions.

First, it has no key. He seems to have lost it. I looked for parts, and I noticed not all keys are the same. I was able to read a number on the ornage key thing. It has a 3019 on it.

second, does anyone have any tips on where to begin. I dont have loads of $, and im afraid to take in and spend a lot. Anything I can do from home would be great. (such as spark plugs.)

Also, he had like 4 cans of carb cleaner with it. I wonder if something it wrong with it.

Do I need to change the oil? or take the old gas out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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