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2002 GP 1200R Oiling problem

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I just found out today that one of the oil lines came off the number 3 carb and trashed the cylider and piston. I also found out that this oil line is secured to the carb with a zip tie!!! Zip ties are not a very good way to secure a critical system, I'm dumb founded that Yamaha would use this method to connect this system.

So with this being said, what method do you guy's recommend to secure this oil line? This is a rubber type line on a smooth brass nipple. They could have at least made the brass fitting barbed. I read somewhere about useing RTV on this connection. I wouldn't think RTV would work very well on a oily hose and a smooth brass nipple. I could be wrong, I just didn't think oil and RTV react very well together.

Sorry for the rant, but I would fire any engineer working for me that would even suggest zip tieing such a critical system.

I'm most likely going to do the repair myself and have found a cylinder exchange company and a D Plate to replace the Cat Converter.

We are going to hone the other two cylinders and replace the rings on them, exchange the cylinder, replace the piston and wrist pin. I would just like to know how to handle the oil line connection to the carb so we don't have to do this again any time soon.

I do not want to remove the oil system and mix the fuel, that's a PITA.

Thanks for any help you can offer
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