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I hooked up the garden hose to the flush connection on my ski's yesterday. I started the ski, turned the water on full blast and there was water spraying in one spot from each of the sea doo's head gasket/upper O-ring area. On one of the ski's the o-ring had actually bulged out a bit. The water was a very small but high pressure spray/stream of water. It reminded me of a water hose under pressure with a very tiny hole in it where a very fine but high pressure spray of water comes out. So, I'm guessing I need to replace the head gasket/O-ring. The sea doo parts diagram shows it as an O-ring with part # 420950360. The ski ran flawlessly and I took pictures of the block and the area right around the leak this morning to make sure there were no cracks in the block. I'll take a few more tonight and then post. So, a few questions:

1. Is this a common problem at all?
2. Is the O-ring difficult to replace?
3. Did I do this myself by turning the water on full blast?

Thanks in advance. I look forward to your replies......I think!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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