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I just got this jet ski a month ago, it seems to start and run good. But the speedometer doesn't work at all. The small paddle wheel on the lower back spins OK, if there is no reading on the speedometer, is there something that should be checked somewhere? Is there an optical sensor aimed at the paddle wheel? I have no idea how the speedometer works.

Fast Idle:
The idle is about 1300 rpm, which is like about 5 mph, which makes it hard to dock with no reverse. I typically have to stop and restart the engine as I approach my dock. Looking under the seat, I can barely see the throttle cable coming into the carb area at the front of the engine, below the choke cable. So would I set the idle by adjusting that cable down there? Or is there another more convenient adjustment at the throttle lever?

Any comments are welcome, this is my first jet ski.
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