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2002 Polaris Virage Hours Wrong

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I had 40.8 hours on my jet ski, I took the battery out and charged it and when I put it back in the hours are reading 536.9 hours. I know there isn't that many hours can anyone help
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I have just the same thing happen to me in for service at 83.6 now showing 526 I have a Virage I 2002 I hope there is a solution.
i have the same problem [reading 545 hour when sould be 42]
This must be a common problem. It's also happened to my 2002 Virage. It had 196 hours, after being rebuilt at 190 hours, when I put it away for the winter. Now its showing 535.5 hours.

Did anyone ever come up with a solution or cause?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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