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2002 Virage - low RPM under load - HELP !!

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I am experiencing low RPM while under load. RPM is fine while on the trailer and rev's to redline. Once in the water, engine bogs down and will not rise above 1000-2000 RPM. I have changed spark plugs, flushed fuel filter/water separator and installed new batteries. Ski's both have 70 hrs total (I own two) and both are exhibiting that same symptom.
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Did you ever figure this problem out?

Just looking for a similar problem to my ski, did you ever figure this out.
Mine is doing the same thing. here is what i think is happening.
I had the heads off mine and installed new o-rings, i think i pinched an o-ring and when the ski in in the water, it pumps water into one of the cylinders and kills one of plugs with water.
After i put it back on the trailer, it straightens out after 10-20 seconds of running and then runs great.
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