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2002 Virage - low RPM under load - HELP !!

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I am experiencing low RPM while under load. RPM is fine while on the trailer and rev's to redline. Once in the water, engine bogs down and will not rise above 1000-2000 RPM. I have changed spark plugs, flushed fuel filter/water separator and installed new batteries. Ski's both have 70 hrs total (I own two) and both are exhibiting that same symptom.
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Hi. Did you ever get anywhere with this problem? I'm experiencing the same thing with a 2002 Virage TXi (my first ever jetski) I just bought except I can't get it to rev above idle. I've checked the fuel pressure and the injectors seem to be letting fuel out although they don't seem to have much of a spray but as far as I can tell there's no 'squirt' of fuel in the throttle body when the accelerator is pressed. If I spray combustable liquid into the throttle body while running it revs great! I'd be interested in your findings
If you have the carburetor version check the screen under the needle valve seat in the carburetor. My Genesis was doing the same thing and this was the problem.
sounds like fueling
did yall ever figure out whats wrong with it? Im having the same problem but mine rev's up to 5,000 rpm 30 mph and wont go any faster and the CHECK ENGINE keeps flashing on the gauge, then when i get it out of the water it rev's all the way up to redline and still says check engine oh ya its a 2002 Virage TXI any help will be appreciated
Hi there.

No I never did because, I tried everything I could but then after a few months the problem just disappeared. I never had the Check Engine warning come up though. I'd say that's an indication of another problem....blocked intake maybe??

Sorry I couldn't be more help!
ya i was messing with it the morning and figured out why it would rev up out of water and not rev up in water, cylinder one ignition coil is bad, and I'm not getting any spark so that would probably explain the check engine
Adding extra fuel filter?

I have checked the internal filter inside the carb and it was clogged. Seems the filter element in the fuel seperator is not catching all particles. Is there any danger in adding an extra fuel filter in the supply line after the fuel seperator (prior to the carb)?
In line fuel filter

No problem with adding in-line filter I did that with my two last summer. Just get one that is used on cars so it can handle the fact it has fuel pumps. I chose a filter I bought at Walmart in the auto section which had a steel housing.
What do you mean one for 'cars'? Are you talking a high pressure model like on my truck? That syatem is under high pressure from the tank mounted fuel pump. All the lines are steel as opposed to rubber to handle the high pressure. The fuel filter is a special model designed to operate in that environment as well. Or, are you just indicating i should get a large filter so it can handle the volume needed by the carb?
Success !!

The source of the 'gunk' clogging the small filter inside the carb did not come from the tank itself. I drained all the fuel and no particulate matter was present. It appears the fuel line from the water separator to the carb fuel inlet fouled with some type of organic growth. I have replaced that line and installed a Fram G-12 additional filter approx 6" from the carb inlet. After the installation and extensive carb disassembly and cleaning, all works fine now.

Prior to each season I will now add the additional steps of replacing the added filter, replacing the small section of fuel line and disassemble the carb to flush the small internal filter.

My total cost to get them both running totaled about $25 for parts and took about 5 hrs of my time. The dealership suggested the carbs be replaced ($1200 for both units !!). Thanks for the assistance.
My problems in the wave runners and some lawn equipment started after I began using Sta-Bil. Spelling? Since repairing all and thus stopping it's use I haven't had aproblem.
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