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I have a 2002 yamaha 1200 suv i picked up from a neighbor. Only cold starts off of some kind of starter fluid, after the first initial start, it'll start up every time. I have a low compression in all three cylinders. 100-100-100 across the board. It had brand new carbs, freshly tuned, new reed valves. It is running on premix. When accelerating it bogs down at the launch and throughout the ride. You have to feather the throttle to get it on plane and then it will not pass about 38 mph. If i continue at WOT it will slowly bog down. I immediately thought it needed a rebuild but thought it was strange that every cylinder was low. Currently has 118 hours. I am lost on what to do next so any advice would be very nice.
At 38 mph it is sitting roughly between 5500 and 6000 rpm
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