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Wanting to see if I could get some help here. I take my '03 GTX-SC out to the lake and start it for a few seconds out of the water to make sure it is going to run. Then back it into the water, start it up, remove it from the trailer, idle out past the no-wake zone and as soon as I give it any gas the oil warning beeper comes on and it goes into reduced power mode. The previous time it did the same thing and I added a bit of oil (didn't show low) and it worked just fine for the rest of the riding session.

The guy that I bought if from said that he just had the supercharger rebuild at 100 hours (now has 115) and that his mechanic told him that he must perform a flushing procedure BEFORE going to the water to get the oil circulating. I call this absurd, but wanted to hear if any one else has encountered anything similar or if this might just be a sensor problem.

Would appreciate any advice.
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