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recently bought a 03 gtx with 109 hours, previous owner claimed to have put 20 hours on it when HE bought it. I was planning on doing a SC rebuild (got him down another 400 to do so) but after examining the SC itself I noticed there is no play in the SC and the bolts that hold it are somewhat worn indication that someone previous to the previous owner may have already had it rebuilt.

Outside of me unbolting the thing and performing all kinds of test is there really any other way other than sticking my hand in there and attempting to move it or running it on the hose?

From what I understand the 03 has metal washers so there isnt any chance of the washers greanding and going into the engine.

Obviously already asked previous owner if the SC was rebuilt, he was clueless, also doesnt have info on owner before that. Craft is excellently maintained, also has a solas impeller, r&d intake grate and r&d wedge installed so it was owned by someone competent at one point.

Should I gamble it for this season or just drop the 400 and get it rebuilt?
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