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Hey All,
Hoping I can get some help here with my issues.

My ski all of a sudden has been cutting out and completely shutting off randomly, half the time at WOT, the other half is just coming off open throttle.
Also, a previous problem (still current) is another random problem of the ski not starting and just clicking (I imagine the solenoid noise) and not turning over. I just recently did a new battery, spark plug, filter and oil change, but all problems still exist. The starting problem has happened since mid of last season. The cutting off problem just started happening this season.
My "car mechanic neighbor" thinks it may be a loose connection to the starter. I know the ground is good because I can actually reach this. And its tight. So is all the battery connections..
Anyone know where or if I can reach the starter? I seen some non-specific posts talking about a engine pull.....

My girl runs like a champ when it doesn't have these intermittent electrical gremlins.

Thanks too all, I appreciate any help!
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