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I am considering buying these 2 units. They have 36 and 38 hours on them respectively. Supposedly they have been garaged all this time and run only a few times a year since purchased. I did a title search and everything seems legit i.e. the present owner got them from his dad upon the father dying. He says his wife tried it a few times, but didn't like going out on them so he is just going to sell after having them for just this past year.

If you took a little polish to them (and not much effort) they would look great on the outside. The trailer hardly looks like it has been in the water. I opened the engine compartments and the engines look great too! In fact one of them looks new with very little signs of use at all. The other looks very good with no visible signs of any problems but to be honest the fact they look so good seems contrary to their age but I guess since they were garaged and the hours so few it kinda makes sense.

Anyway, I can get both plus trailer for around $6,000.

There is some obvious wear and tear on the outside. Looks like one of them banged into something and broke the gelcoat finish in a small spot high above the water line. Some minor blemishes on the foam and tiny tears in the rubber and foam moldings, etc. but nothing significant.

I live in Ohio and the season to ride these things is almost over anyway. But could I be missing something. Should I be looking for something that might be wrong with them that would be obvious.

I just feel this is too good to be true.

Any advice anyone can give me on buying used units would be appreciated. I feel like I must be missing something.
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