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Please help, this is my first time on this forum, and my first time owning a ski. :)

I have a 15F ski (2004, 217hrs) that i recently bought on ebay. It runs fine when cold, but after about 30mins of riding, the engine will cut out at less that 3000RPM. No falt codes come up on the dash, the engine will restart, but not always first go. However, the ski will run perfectly at higher RPM and speeds.


I have already replaced the low speed controler, the battery, spark plugs, drained and cleaned the fuel tank and replaced fuel (high octain). I have also check the EFI filter.

I have started reading the Kawasaki service manual, and it has lead me to believe this is a fuel issue, as once when it would not start, i had a spare plug and quickly checked, it was getting spark.

Any help would be appreciated as my nearest dealer is 120km away. Thank you in advance :)
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