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I need help in diagnosing the problem. The last two days in we took the 900 out on the river. It ran great for the first 15 - 20 minutes - with top speeds. Then it starts to miss. Hit the gas and it does not respond. Then it finally slows to about 10 MPH. Idles fine, but give it gas and it revs but no movement. Turn it off and it starts back just fine, but still does not want to get past 10-15 mph. Maybe after a while it acts like it is coming back, but still is missing and jerking.
Seems like once it gets to a certain engine temperture it starts bogging down. I read in another post something similar and it was suggested that it probably needed new spark plugs. Does that sound correct? Other suggestions as to the problem and how to fix it?

Thanks for the help. DB
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