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I posted about a month ago....

I replaced the plugs. We took it down to a local pond where we put it in the water and ran it for a few minutes. It's really a no wake pond so we couldn't test it under full power, but it cranked and that was better than it had been doing... so we loaded it back up and went back home thinking everything was fine.

Fast forward to yesterday, went to the lake to ride with some friends. Filled the tank up before we went. Got it in the water, cranked right up. Started to go and it hesitated. Just didn't act like it wanted to go. Gave it a good throttle push and it took off. After that, out of the hole it was great. BUT.... it wouldn't go past 45mph!!!! What in the world??

Now, I will say this... it smelled a lot like fuel and after only 30-45 mins of really just cruising, I was down to 3/4 of a tank of gas. I know that this is terrible bc I can ride for hours and barely lose a 1/4 tank of gas!!

Any ideas? My husband has checked all of the holes that he knows to check to make sure nothing is keeping it from having full power. He finds nothing. And I'm getting super frustrated bc I have to ride with another person!! :(

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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