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I have a bad wire in my 2007 triton elite II, trailer. I had triton send me the wiring harness. I get under the trailer to see if there are any access points and this is the first time I see the hulls of both waverunners. I bought two used, last spring. Different owners, just happened, they are both 2004 Yamaha fx ho cruisers. I have a gouge in one, could have been there when I bought it, don't know. The layer with strands of ? fiber glass ? is exposed. Just know I need to fix it before it gets worse. I called the local marine store. They told me to get a gel coat patch repair kit, but only from a Yamaha dealer. I did some research online, and the common theme is - you must get the specific kit for the make,model, and year, from the dealer. Different hulls are made of different materials. Online they also state that it may me hard to find a dealer that knows what you are asking for and stocks the kits. The preceding fact is true.
Does anyone have experience with fixing a gouge or hole and/or know where I can order the correct patch kit. Also, what type of temporary fix can I apply, to ride without causing more damage?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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