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2004 FX HO problem to get to top speed and top RPM

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Newb, not mechanically educated but did some research prior to post this thread.
My FXHO has 70 hours worked very good since day 1 till now and since 2 days I cannot go more than 8000 rpm and max speed at 38-40 mph. Used to get into the 54 mph.
I checked on the forum and will go through some basic checks: Will check and change this week the spark plugs. I checked the impeller though the inlet and there is no seaweed of sand. I could not check the impellers itself but will do it.
Engine is running fine as usual. I am not on L-mode (I locked it, unlocked it and get the 2 beep for the regular mode).
Is anybody had similar issues and fixed ?

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Do all the basic checks. Compression etc and write back. Also check fuel pressure with a gauge. Replace the plugs first though. It wont be anything in the pump causing it to only rev to 8000. Possibly cam position sensor.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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