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With the engine running you can press the Start/RPM and Volt/Hour buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds to see if you get an error code on the digital display. That may or may not give you a clue. If you see a code let me know and I can look it up. Error code 19 means incorrect battery voltage, so that may be all you get, and will not help.

First step after you are sure you have a good battery would be to check all leads and make sure everything is tight with no corrosion. The service manual then recommends checking the following: Fuses, Lighting Coil, and the Rectifier/regulator. The rectifier/regulator (located on the end of the electrical box) would be the most likely culprit if you have ruled out a poor connection, or bad battery or fuse. Rectifier/regulator output voltage should be 15v.
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