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2004 MSX150 Issues MAX RPM 5050. Code P135. HELP !!

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OK all it's been a year and I am still having issues. For a quick recap: My ski was rolled last July and it was overfilled with oil, so oil got into the system and fouled some stuff up. My boost only went about half way up and my max RPM was about 5650. So far I have changed the fuel filter, cleaned out the intercooler, replaced the MAP and BOOST sensors and cleaned the intake where they are attached. I ran the ski and still had the same results. After doing some reading it was said that even if faulty sensors are replaced the ECU codes still need to be cleared to got the ski out of safe mode. This morning I had the codes pulled and it had the following codes: P108 (MAP Sensor Circuit), P113 (Intake air Temp), P130 (O2 Sensor Circuit Error), P135 (O2 Sensor Heater Circuit), P171 (Fuel System), P237 (Boost Pressure Sensor), P243 (Wastegate Selenoid), P1260 (PTO Injector Open), P1263 (Mag Injector Open). The codes were all cleared except for P135 (O2 Sensor Heater Circuit), it would not clear. Shop recommended cleaning it with brakekleen, so i did and ran the ski and still faulty. This time my max RPM is 5050 RPM and still only half boost. I tried disconnecting the O2 sensor and no change. Any more suggestions before trying a new O2 sensor? Thank you all.
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Fixed it !!!

I started digging for the Throttle Body Isolator and in the process found one hose clamp missing and one hose almost completely off the turbo because the clamp slipped over the neck. I fixed both of these issues and the ski runs normal once again. Once again thank you all.
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