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Hi Guys. First time post. Great Site. I have two great polaris 2004 virage skis. Never any issues. Well until yesterday. One has 105 hrs on it and my wife was riding it and it blew a water intake gasket. She really didn't know it other then it dropped down to like 4k RPM and 15 mph or so. Anyway she made it back and the water had been spraying inside maybe enough to cover 2 or 3 inches. Ski was still running. I got the ski out drained it and pulled the plugs. The plugs where a bit mikly like water might have got sucked into the air intake i'm not sure. So to fix the gasket is an easy thing. What i'm concerned about is the milky color of the plugs. I know on 4strokes you want to drain the oil what should i do if anything on the 2 stroke? I started it and blew all the water out and i'm waiting for my gaskets to ship. Do i need to do anything else either drain the oil or any other area to make sure i don't get any water damage? Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!
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