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Too the ski out for first time of season. Ran fine for ~5 minutes to get out of No Wake Zone. Opened her up and within 2 minutes, engine died. Wouldn't re-start. Finally able to keep it running @ very low rpms to make it back toward ramp by holding half throttle with ~half choke. Changed plugs on way back, no difference. Towed it back to ramp with kayak. Back on land, ran fine until cooling water turned on, then it died again. Re-started with the same results several times. Then we were able to keep running with half throttle/half choke again. Let it sit for awhile, came back and it started and ran fine, even with cooling water.

Any ideas on what may have been going on? Why would engine die when cooling water turned on when on dry land?

Any help would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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