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2004 XLT1200 engine rebuild parts?

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I have a 2004 Yami XLT1200 that the engine has failed on. One cylinder is not firing. I checked the spark and they look good. I check the compresion and found cylinder 1 had 100psi 2 had 0psi and 3 had 115psi. So I need to do an engine rebuild but am not sure what parts I should be ordering to do it. Do I need the full gasket kit? Do I need the carb rebuild kit? I am planing on tearing it down in about 2 weeks. Any help would be great. I am pretty mechanically incline but have not ever done a rebuild so I am looking for a little guidance on what to expect for work and cost. Thanks
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Ok, I pulled the top of the buy a used engine off down to the cylinders. I found that the piston for cylinder ...
Did the Ernest's link help?
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