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2005 R-12x Leaning, Listing, Right

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I saw earlier posts on this, but no real answers so I thought I would try again.
I have an '05 R-12X that constantly leans to the right. Under power or sitting still it doesn't matter. You are constantly correcting the steering on the thing and it makes turns different depending upon what direction you are wanting to go.

If yo look in the engine compartment it appears to me that the engine is positioned a bit to that side. I'm looking for anyone else that has encountered / fixed this issue. Not sure if counterweight would be the answer or not.

Anyone? Thoughts? Help?
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Check to make sure after the prop in the pump area that their isn't any fins broke or their isn't anything stuck in the pump area. Weird problem you got? when your wide open going accross the water are the handle bar's straight? Their is room for adjustment on the steering linkage, make sure your reverse bucket is all the way up and it isn't affecting somthing. Good luck.
Leaning Right

The funny thing is that it isn't trying to turn right, just lean to the right sort of like an imbalance in the ski itself. Maybe my ass is heavier on that side.....?
This isn't the first R I've heard of with this problem. Unfortunately, I've never seen any posts of what the problem is, or, if/how anyone solved the problem. You might have to put ballast on the other side of the ski:lol2::dunno:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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