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Hopefully someone can help me here....PLEASE

I purchased a 2005 SeaDoo RXP with 49 hrs on it. Made local dealer do a thorough inspection to approve sale. Brought it home and after five minutes of riding the trim goes out (trim level not displayed and motor does not work) followed by a loud BEEP. Hour meter loses memory every time the ski is restarted and is stuck at 49 hrs.

Took the ski to a dealer near home and they said my MPEM was bad. I paid over $500.00 to replace the MPEM, replace wear ring and do a seasonal service. Once again, they showed me the trim worked which it did along with everything else. I tried to have them program a learner key as well and they could not get it to program not sure why.

After replacing the MPEM and another five minutes of riding, the damn trim goes out again as well as the hour meter losing memory!!!!! I was enraged...they told me that they could not refund my money because the part was already used.

They then suggested that my ECM/ECU is now the final culprit. Wow, another few hundred dollars. This is ridiculous. The ski has ran perfectly fine since this issue although I haven't been able to use the trim in addition to putting roughly 30 hrs on her.

How do I go about fixing this issue for good so I can sell this thing? Any experience? I don't use it anymore and would like for the computer to work properly.
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