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2005 stx 12F display or meter Computer Fried

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Hi folks,
On to my ongoing saga trying to get my 05 STX 12F running properly.

A few questions:

1) Will the ski run with a bad CDI computer?

Here's the problems I have been having: I have two "identical" 05 STX 12Fs. One runs great, the other doesn't.

1) When I turn the key switch ON, the good ski beeps twice as the display goes through the self test, and beeps twice again when the ski is ready to start. The bad ski, doesn't beep at all, but the display goes through the same self-test in the same amount of time.
2) The bad ski registers 0 MPH all the time. I swapped speedos between the two skis, and the speedo sensor is ok, bad ski still has 0 MPH all the time.
3) The bad ski won't rev past about 5000 RPM (seems to be some sort of limiter cutting in), and confirmed it is not in SLO mode
4) All other display functions on the bad ski work correctly (or at least the same as the good ski)
5) The spark plugs on the bad ski look like it is running rich. Could that be related to a timing or EFI issue from the CDI computer not getting the right information from the "system computer"?

Any other ideas anyone? I took it to a local dealer who said "yep, the display computer isn't working correctly", but they couldn't defintively say that was the problem and wanted to swap computers between the two skis to see if that fixed the problem (Gee thanks, at $90/hour to figure out if that was even the problem).

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Hi folks,
Well, I have an update on my woes with a 2005 STX 12f.

OKAY, so I bought a new display computer (pricey mother). After installing it, the display now beeps during the power-on self test, and the the speedometer now works!

BUT, the ski still won't go to full speed. It won't rev past 5000 rpm, and it reaches that at 1/4 throttle. Also, it doesn't seem like it likes to idle. It will idle for 2 or 3 seconds and then stall.

Any ideas of where to look for the next problem???

Could this be the ignition computer????

Any help appreciated. Thanks, E.
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still under warranty right
Warranty? of course not, that's why I'm doing all the troubleshooting and work on this ......:(
if your engine is running rich then you would loose power. it would feel like you are pulling more weight.
Problem Solved

Yeah, I finally tracked down the problem. It was a bad muffler to manifold connection. The flexible hose-collar around the connection had a hole blown through it on the bottom, and the last dingbats that worked on it (won't mention the shop at Lake Havasu), didn't mate the manifold and exhaust together. Fixed that up, works great!
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