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2005 vx110 mod question

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I see in manual this plate 26 mounted in exhaust. I would like to remove it, anyone has tried this already and is it worth the trouble? tnx.


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I suspect you will be disappointed by exhaust mods alone for gaining any power. I have a friend that installed the Free Flow exhaust kit from Riva on a FX HO, and it made the ski unbearably louder, but absoutely no gain in speed (we check it on a gps). Opening up the exhaust made his ski produce a sound that I would describe as a "drone" that would give a deaf man a headache in a few minutes. He sent the whole thing back.

I think you have to go with additional mods to have any chance for small gains in speed. I'd go with a stage 1 kit (if that is even available for the VX).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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