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I just bought a 2005 Yamaha GP1300R with only 66 hours on it for 1000 bucks. Its in really good shape and I was promised it would run. Well, as you may have figured for that price, it does not. The thing has compression, but NO SPARK. Now I also wonder if the fuel pump is even coming on. Ill have to check that I recon. Any reason why I would have no spark? I feel like for this new of a ski and this little hours, this seems odd to be happening.
I am sort of new to Jet Ski repairs, so please explain to me any opinions or things I might try.
I did replace the plugs with brand new ones, and confirmed again, that there is still no spark. I even put fuel in to the cylinders and tried to start just to see if maybe I cannot see the spark, but no. still no spark.
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