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Hello All,
I received the dreaded code 25 so I purchased a new ECU and after I installed the new ECU she ran great way faster than before. Hitting 63 MPH!! Well after about 20 minutes to a half hour the temp light came on and went into limp mode indicating she was overheating. So I replaced the ECT and exhaust sensor. I also checked all the hoses for blockage I'm getting good water flow. Took for a test run again after 20 minutes temp light came on putting into limp mode and then she stalled. When I try to restart she just cranks and then stops cranking and battery light comes on like the battery was dead. I have an identical PWC so I swapped the battery from the one that runs fine and same thing. Had both batteries tested and the tested good. Any help will be appreciated because at this point I'm stumped.
Thanks in Advance
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