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I have a 2006 Waverunner FX HO. This is a repeat problem that happened last spring also.

When I first start it up it will barley run. If you touch the throttle it immeditatey dies. If you just barley give it any gas it will chug along and as the motor gets warmer it will slowly increase in rpm until it gets to a certain point and then it takes off and works perfect after that and as long as its warmed up it works perfect.

I have checked everything.
Air filter in or out does not make a difference.
All new spark plugs
All compression at around 165 +/- 5 lbs
Gas is fresh.
Pulled all spray bars and injectors and made sure they were clean
Checked each ignition coil with a new one.
All electrical connections are clean.

When it is chugging at the beginning it seems to smoke but it does not look or smell like oil. Almost looks like vaporized fuel or un-burnt fuel but does not smell like it. Hard to drive and put my nose down there at the same time to see if I can smell anything.

Pulled each plug and they are not fouled and are not wet.

Almost seems as if when its cold it is flooding out like a carburetor with a stuck choke would do. Can't figure out if there is a cold engine sensor that would regulate fuel volume when the engine first cranks.

When it did this exact same thing last year it just quit doing it one day and ran fine the rest of the season. Seem to be starting the whole process over again.

Kind of hit a brick wall right now.

Any thoughts.


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