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2006 Honda AquaTrax F-12X

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Hello guys.

I recently traveled about 80 miles to a boat show to look at the new pwc's. Ever since two summers ago I have wanted one. My cousin bought two Sea-Doo's. A GTX and a XP. Although they stayed broke down most of the summer (lol) they were a blast! So now I'm looking for one myself. I planned on getting a Yamaha FX SHO but, I have changed my mind because they aren't coming until February. I dont want to wait that long. I looked at a 07 Sea-Doo RXT, 2008 Yamaha Fx Cruiser HO, and a Kawasaki Ultra 250X. I also checked out the RXP and R-12X. I dont think I want a two seater because I cant tow a tube. I didnt notice the F-12X until I seen one at the show. They are nice looking machines and it was the cheapest of all the competitors. The salesman also told me that it was the most reliable. I dont really want a Fx Cruise HO because it doesnt look as fast, and it didnt have as much cc as the Honda. I dont want a Sea-Doo because at the lake I ride at everyone and they're dog has one. I want something different. The Kawasaki just looks unrefined, and I just dont like it that much. So, I have pretty much decided on the Honda because it is a basic machine. They're not alot of stuff to break on it. And being my first ski the SHO is just too much. The sales man told me that the one I sat on was a 06' AquaTrax F-12X. I want the turbo model. He said he could sell me the machine, a trailer, 1 year of service, cover, and my choice of PFD for $9,000. I shopped around and I think this is the best deal. Any comments on the price?

Other questions I have are:

Is it fast?

Is there any cheap mods for it if, it doesnt go fast?

Is it stable?

Is it reliable?

Has anyone ever raced a RXT or Ultra 250X with a F-12X?

Does it have enough power to pull a tube?

Should I go with the Yamaha or Sea-Doo instead?

Is the turbo going to break?

I cant remember if it comes with a boarding step. Does it?

Top speed? (and I want real numbers. I may be new to PWC's but I know that your not going to go 75 with a stock Honda)

I also heard that the cover is not good? Anyone have any comments about the cover from experience?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

I hope to be riding on a new Honda AquaTrax around March.
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If you really want this ski, its not that bad. I will tell you that the RXT, SHO, and ultra 250 are about 5 mph faster. The Ski you want can pull a tube and is reliable. Never heard of the turbo breaking. They are fast skis I rode them down in LBI. I GPSed at 61. Its fast and reliable but if you want to be the fastest on the lake go for SHO or new RXT X
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